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Curious about the dark side of the moon and the other side of the story.

Living in the future is not as bad as it is made to look.

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Like how we used to get excited thinking about the future as kids, now cooped up at home, we have found refuge in the future again. The thought of a vacation when a lockdown is over, or of sipping coffee in your favorite cafe is refreshing. The exciting thoughts of the future are blowing the dark clouds of the present away.

. Live in the present, they say.

On the contrary, can thinking about the future make us happier than living in the present? Is the anticipation of a trip much better than the trip…

There is a reason why offices exist

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Before the pandemic became a buzzword, our offices were not only a place to slog, they were also a source of pride. Employees felt regal as soon as they stepped inside their . Clicking selfies of the various drool-worthy corners in the office and gloating about them on social media gave them the much-needed dopamine shots.

It’s not surprising that consider workplace quality as a criterion before choosing an employer. of them will give up other perks to work in a well-designed place.

Contemporary workplace designs without freaking them out…

Learn from the success of Amazon’s largest seller

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Coral reefs make up 0.1% of the world’s ocean area, yet they are home to roughly . Why?

They create an ecosystem of collaboration and interdependence.

Some also call the coral reefs the rainforests of the sea. They sustain all kinds of life forms under the ocean, just like trees do in a forest. They create a platform where aquatic life gets all the resources to thrive.

Like coral reefs, modern technology platforms such as YouTube, Uber, Amazon, are ecosystems where entrepreneurs flourish. The collaboration and knowledge sharing on these platforms is unparalleled. Resources, tools, access to…

Understanding the phenomenon can help you in becoming a better writer

Moving image of a rainbow streaming out of a box.
Moving image of a rainbow streaming out of a box.
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Do you get an instant high when your order is finally shipped on Amazon?

Does your heart skip a beat when you get a notification saying that your parcel is out for delivery?

How do you feel when you hold the parcel in your hands? Do you tear through the outer cardboard packaging as fast as you can to lay your hands on the product?

Does the sight of the product, the fresh smell of plastics wafting out of the box, the texture of the box, the tags inside the box, or the tactile feeling of the product in your…

The reason for not being able to wake up early might be in your genetics

From the vibrations of an electron to the motion of planets. From the thumping of our heartbeat to the thundering seasonal rainfall. Countless rhythms help us in understanding the universe around us.

By identifying these rhythms and patterns, we reduce the unpredictability of our future. We created clocks and calendars to align our activities according to nature’s rhythm. We work during the day and sleep at night. We sow seeds during the same time of the year and harvest the crop at the same time.

Similarly, our body has a clock that modulates a rhythm called the . Like…

A step-by-step guide to creating your first digital asset

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After selling his as an NFT, Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, became one of the most valuable living artists in the world. Before this sale broke the internet, a was sold for $600,000. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey for $2.9 million as NFT. Kings of Leon are r. Even an will be auctioned as an NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. …

It’s the taxpayer money that creates an environment for private enterprises to flourish

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Silicon valley spewing out tech billionaires is a common occurrence now. It’s considered the crown jewel of the American economy. The Galt’s Gulch of 21st century.

But what if the laissez-faire economy that the “hub of innovation” champions built its foundations in a not so laissez-faire way?

What if the quaintly glamorous leaders, championing individualism, proponents of free markets and capitalism are only the cover story and not the entire book? What if the silicon valley idea of how the world should work is as hollow as the happiness that people derive from their social media apps?

What if the…

More privacy for the user, less competition for Google

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You might be searching for a new underwear on Amazon, scrolling through the endless variety. Only to find later, an underwear ad flashing on your Facebook feed. How did Facebook know what’s in your Amazon cart? Is Amazon selling your data?

There could have been something more private than a pair of knickers in your cart. What if those things flashed on your screen when your phone was with a friend? Isn’t this a breach of your privacy?

The answer to the first question lies hidden in your browser. A technology called third-party cookies. This technology drops a string of…

Cash in on the gold rush before it’s gone

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Newspapers are finding it hard to stay relevant and profitable in the age of instant gratification. With reducing attention spans along with free daily rants on government interventions in the free-market, you don’t find it necessary to subscribe to a newspaper. And it’s not only you who feels so. Newspapers worldwide are going kaput because of the sudden explosion of free content on social media and other platforms. The overall advertising revenue of newspapers in the United States has since 2008 and the circulation fell to its since 1940.

Some governments are jolting into action…

Creative Nonfiction Contest Finalist

What does my love for the airports tell me about myself?

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Have you ever felt satisfied and restless at the same time?

Say right after you cracked a tough interview. You might be satisfied because you got the job, but you will also be restless to celebrate.

Similarly, a melange of emotions stirs within me every time I am at the airport. I feel satisfied because I am traveling to a new place, leaving behind all the worries. Restless, because one, the thought of missing the flight keeps me on my toes. Second, I love to scan the whole place, relish the imposing architecture, buy a new book, watch the planes…

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