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Curious about the dark side of the moon and the other side of the story

There is a reason why offices exist

Before the pandemic became a buzzword, our offices were not only a place to slog, they were also a source of pride. Employees felt regal as soon as they stepped inside their cathedrals of innovation. Clicking selfies of the various drool-worthy corners in the office and gloating about them on social media gave them the much-needed dopamine shots.

It’s not surprising that 78% of millennials consider workplace quality as a criterion before choosing an employer. Or 69% of them will give up other perks to work in a well-designed place.

Contemporary workplace designs increase employee productivity without freaking them out…

Saying “Bless your heart” won’t do

While searching for the keyword “Fuck You,” I am also getting stock photos for the keyword “I love you.”

Both of them might mean the same literally, but hey, the algorithm needs to show some manners. You don’t use “fuck you” and “love you” interchangeably.

What if we did?

“How to fuck yourself” would be trending on Medium.

All the self-help gurus would have lost their job. Because who doesn’t know how to fuck themselves?

Couples would be cuddling each other whispering, “Fuck you,” “Fuck you too.”

The middle finger would be the most used emoticon on WhatsApp instead of…

Bitter pills have blessed effects.

Wearing an oversized yellow T-shirt over a pair of white shorts, I felt as helpless as the yellow ribbons tied on my wrist which fluttered at the beck and call of the passing breeze. With a colorful lineup of green, blue, red, and yellow — representing the four houses of our school — the egg and spoon race was a fun but competitive event on our school’s annual day.

The next thing I remember now, decades later, is the memory of someone grabbing me by my arm and dropping me on the podium, one step below the winner. I had…

From the classic soul-stirring melodies to the adrenaline pumping electronica

The best way to start off your week is on a high note. I mean literally.

On a Monday morning I think of the week ahead, the number of meetings, the streams of numbers I will have to crunch, and I want to mosh my feelings of anxiety away. Although I feel anxious every morning, Mondays are special. Mondays are like the doorways to hell.

Once you have stepped into hell and are getting roasted, it doesn’t matter. Frog in the pan of boiling water, remember? But standing at the doorway, seeing what lies ahead makes me a little queasy.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos do their dishes every day for a reason.

Do you think the hardest exercise is to sit still with your eyes closed? Not lifting dumbbells, or running marathons, but simply doing nothing. Do you find it excruciatingly difficult?

If not the exercise, tell me about your daily attempt of finding a quiet place to watch your thoughts rumble in your head? Is it an ordeal? When everyone is cooped up in their homes, finding a disturbance-free zone can be a hassle.

Or, are you the one who doesn’t even have the time to think about these activities, but you really want to. …

A sneak peek into the world of a brand that has brought the fitness studio to your home

If Netflix turns you into a couch potato, Peloton promises to entertain you while you are running on fumes. And if numbers could speak, they would scream that Peloton has more than kept its promise.

It boasts 4.4 million subscribers and more than a billion dollars in quarterly revenue. Its social media presence has grown multifold. With an insane retention rate of 92%, it has grown into a cult.

Peloton gamifies the indoor fitness regimen. It’s not only a fitness company, it’s a media, software, hardware, merchandise company. It’s the Disney World of keep-fit buffs.

And in current times when…

It was all so good, and then I grew up

I hated myself when I cried as a kid. I was tiny physically, but had a big ego and pictured myself as someone who would do great things growing up. But my emotions always triumphed over my will and my perceptions. When they took my dog because she bit my sister, I cried for days.

I got so pissed off with the emotional outbursts that I used to stand in front of the mirror and yell that I won’t cry from now on. It was the half I wanted to purge from my mushy personality.

The other half was where…

He has left us vulnerable

One of the rioters that barged into the Capitol on Jan 6 clicked a selfie, and then shared it on Facebook with the title “I just wanted to incriminate myself a little lol.

Another rioter recorded a video of himself yelling “time to smoke weed here!” He goes on, “here it is, me blazing up at the Capitol. Mary Jane.

These are some of the many hundreds of crazy incidents that are tumbling out in the open as the self-declared Western Chauvinists, Proud Boys, are indicted for their act of terror.

This incident epitomizes their sick mentality. If we look…

Learn from the success of Amazon’s largest seller

Coral reefs make up 0.1% of the world’s ocean area, yet they are home to roughly 25% of marine species. Why?

They create an ecosystem of collaboration and interdependence.

Some also call the coral reefs the rainforests of the sea. They sustain all kinds of life forms under the ocean, just like trees do in a forest. They create a platform where aquatic life gets all the resources to thrive.

Like coral reefs, modern technology platforms such as YouTube, Uber, Amazon, are ecosystems where entrepreneurs flourish. The collaboration and knowledge sharing on these platforms is unparalleled. Resources, tools, access to…

Understanding the phenomenon can help you in becoming a better writer

Moving image of a rainbow streaming out of a box.
Moving image of a rainbow streaming out of a box.

Do you get an instant high when your order is finally shipped on Amazon?

Does your heart skip a beat when you get a notification saying that your parcel is out for delivery?

How do you feel when you hold the parcel in your hands? Do you tear through the outer cardboard packaging as fast as you can to lay your hands on the product?

Does the sight of the product, the fresh smell of plastics wafting out of the box, the texture of the box, the tags inside the box, or the tactile feeling of the product in your…

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